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This is one of our favorite cities in the USA to visit. Great people, great food, and a growing RDM scene. A couple of EDM giants are in town this wee....


Check the awesome. backdrop. SE Asia has some of the best beaches in the world. We had the pleasure of touring this hidden gem in Thailand. If we coul....

Take the risk!

While hanging around in Vegas we snapped this pic of the famous Las Vegas sign. We waited for the perfect time to take the shot amount get a ton of to....

Sky is the limit!

We could not help but to snap this pic on the Saigon skyline on a early misty morning. As you plan your day, remember the endless possibilities in lif....

Mornings are EVERYTHING!!!

After a long day of events and an awesome night out on the town, this was a much needed recharge for another day in this bustling city. Saigon city, t....

The MIXX Blog

Thanks for listening to MIXX EDM “NONSTOP DANCE MUSIC”. Stay up to date with everything happening with MIXX EDM by following our blog. We hope to ....

MIXX EDM in the Philippines

MIXX EDM recently traveled to the Philippines to connect with our growing audience in the country. The EDM scene is amazing and we had a great time ha....

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